June Events are:

June 8th Big Fish 6:00-9:00

June 11th Music, Cabs, Bourbon and Cigars 5:30-7:30

June 12th/19th and 26th Bingo 6:00-8:00

June 13th Stone Lake Ladies Night with Carol Z Music 5:00-8:30

June 14th Kris and Lisa Risch 6:00-9:00

June 15th Sean and Ian 6:00-9:00

June 18th Distributor Night with Barry Nelson Music 5:30-7:30

June 20th Jim C. Music 6:00-8:00

June 21st. Hall and Sol 6:00-9:00

June 22 Jeff Loven Music 6:00-9:00

June 27th Bare Bones 6:00-8:00

June 28th Rob Russo and Max on the Sax 6:00-9:00

June 29th 2nd Time Around 6:00-9:00