Boy, do we have Bourbon! We have Bourbon on the top shelf! We have bourbon on the Middle Shelf and Bourbon on the main level. If you have a taste for Bourbon, we most likely have it or something that will tantalize your tastebuds. Every month we will be hosting some type of Spirits showcase. Stay tuned because you never know what we are going to have next.

Did you know we have a BOURBON ROOM! Yes I said Room! We have over 80 different kinds of Bourbon for purchase. Most of them you can find on our main back bar where you can purchase a drink to see if you are going to like it. Just be warned, just because its there today does not guarantee that it will be there tomorrow. Just as Bourbon is ever changing so is our selection. We like to think of it as a revolving wall of Bourbon.

So after our first Successful Bourbon Night on the Patio we have decided to make it a monthly event starting July 23 come out and enjoy your favorite bourbon with music on the patio! We also will have a different type of bourbon that is NOT in our Bourbon Room or on our Bar! It will be up to those in attendance after sampling to decide does it go on the bar? in the Bourbon Room? Or Both? It will be completely up to you!
August we have a really BIG Surprise! Mark you Calendar for August 27th! Trust me when I Say MARK your Calendar!